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  • Bringing experience and passion into our classrooms

    is proud to have 1,700+ respected and accomplished faculty members located globally who bring their real world knowledge, experience and passion to the classroom. These faculty members possess a wealth of understanding in a variety of topics and fields of study. We understand the importance of faculty in giving students the best learning experience so we have more than 500 professors with doctorate degrees from leading and private universities who are also actively working in their fields, not just teaching in a classroom and will help you in achieving your goals. As a student here, you might be studying with professors who are currently employed in your industry. You might even meet some of our more famous professors including Fortune 500 executives, and senior leaders from many multinationals.

    Our unique and specifically designed online learning course material combined with dedicated and expert online tutors ensure a relevant, stimulating, well-supported learning experience.

    • Pamela J. Bostic Lecturer
    • William Kane Assistant Professor
    • Jessica Fuller Assistant Dean
    • Travis LemonsLecturer
    • Debra Quillen Lecturer
    • Daniel Vetter Senior Professor
    • Chung ConnorsAssistant Professor
    • Steven Smith Associate Teaching
    • Ronald Tucci Lecturer
    • Sharon Carney Professor Ruth Goodwin Assistant Dean
    • Mark O’ Neal Lecturer
    • Robert Cawley Professor
    • Theodore Collins Assistant Professor
    • Jennifer Posey Associate Teaching Professor
    • Katherine Barnett Lecturer
    • Sarah Hunter Professor
    • Lee Gomez Assistant Dean
    • Paige Hudson Lecturer
    • Sarah Vickers Lecturer

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