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  • Facilitating Student with Extensive Global Outreach

    More than 10,000 students from over 120 countries of the world are benefitting from Drumount's Online Learning program through state-of-art technological means and highly experienced global faculty members.

    The University offers quality educational programs that are highly accessible and fits our students' lives without them having to compromise their responsibilities and obligations. Our foundation lies in providing an online learner friendly environment to students from all ages, backgrounds and professions to enhance their knowledge, skills and capabilities so that they can outshine in their careers. Our flexible online teaching and learning format helps us to deliver courses through the internet regardless of your location. Through our online classrooms, you can study whenever time permits, complete your assignments and stay connected to fellow colleagues and professors and be a part of an accredited university.

    Globalization is the corner stone of Drumount and we are proud to educate students across the United States and around the world with our online learning opportunities and accredited degrees.

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